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 Saad Munir | Ecommerce Marketing Specialist – SEO & Google Adwords Expert Lahore

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I am Saad Munir, a business graduate from the FAST School of Business. I am a business enthusiast with strong technical background and own multiple online business ventures. From my university days, I have found myself quite attracted to create business opportunities and to manage resources for shaping business. While struggling for this, I have worked on several small and large scale freelance business ventures and managed diversifies teams comprised of 70+ members. Freelancing was an awesome learning opportunity I embarked upon, it helped me realize the immense potential of web based businesses. Given that, I started my journey to dig out different opportunities for online and offline businesses around.

Overall, my experience includes several jobs, projects and business ventures. I have experienced to manage multiple investment opportunities for Punjab, Pakistan in Government of Punjab, Dept. of Investment & Trade. Currently  I am working as a Web Business Analyst at Sofizar / ConstellationCK which is a CA based B2C Internet Marketing company. This providing me the opportunity to work on one of the market’s leading products in the industries like Online Education, Insurance, Classifieds and Traveling etc..

Saad Munir’s Specialities

  • Search Engine Marketing / Consultancy (SEO , SEM)
  • Social Media Management / Consultancy (SMM)
  • Website Performance and Auditing
  • Paid Advertisement Management(PPC / PPM)
  • Web development and enhancement (WordPress, Magento)
  • Online Reputation & Brand Management
  • Conversions and lead management
  • Keyword and Niche Market analyst

Here you can read my full profile, go through my resume and review my portfolio. I am always willing to work on projects where I can be of any value, so if you have such opportunity please feel free to contact me.

If you are a recruiter or HR person and seeking to have a conversation with me, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

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