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Saad Munir (smsulari)

Preparations for Gov. Iran visit to Cheif Minister House, Lahore

Thank you for visiting my page. I am a Business grad and a passionate online and offline business manager. Since my education times I have been working on different Freelance Projects. I found myself quite fond of generating business opportunities by collecting the resources and managing them. I was able to manage a short group of Freelance experts generating a handsome business and serving global clients through different intermediate freelance websites.

In short I am an eager business explorer. Ready to get into the new projects and opportunities. I have explored my one proud ability that is business planning. This helped me in not only establishing my own multiple ventures, mostly on a small scale, but also served to many others including global and local clients. The one thing I am unable to deviate from being my struggle to be professional and organized on anything I opt. This craving of mine, has always provided me an evident benefit while dealing with my clients in terms of business.

Online Freelance writing services, Business planning, Blog and content management support, E-learning, Small scale processed food business, Provincial Investment Marketing, Local feed consulting and e-commerce are few of the many opportunities that helped me nourish my skills and gaining distintive and diversified experience. I am always digging out opportunities of knowledge and investment in multiple services and businesses, where my contribution can bring value to the output.

Saad Munir Cooking

BBQ, Illford, London

Being the youngest in the family, I got less responsibilities and more opportunities to explore. This brought me to the habbit of always hunting for new food and places. As I belong to the enrich and green village near Zafarwal, Punjab and belong to an establish and renown family of Pakistan, I got an opportunity to travel globally and locally. Most of the time to meet my family on reunions and events but I also try to check-in at some new place. I am a proud Lahori now, and love eating out. Most of the meeting formal and informal are at khaba-points (resturants). You can find me in English Tea House, CTC, Gloria in the evenings and CAPRI Halwa pruri in the morning at most of the days of the week. When I started pickle processing business with a friend of mine, I always thought that his will be enough to satisfy my wish of running a restuarant, but it seems the passion is increased. My long-term plan over 10-15 years is to be the owner of one of the most happening resturant or coffee point in Pakistan.

For Last couple of years I have become a big fan of web based businesses. Being a Business grad, I do have a limited knowledge about development and desginging, but I am always into the web-based ventures small or large to generate cash. I have recently started working on a few blogs and online stores with a team, hoping to get them accomplished in the near future.

About Job, I am always enthusiastic to work with a happening team, but now I am looking forward to shift to web based business providing companies. Because in my opinion this is the future trend, with low investment and quality outcome. My experience of working for Punjab, Pakistan for the investment Marketing and consulting has brought many learnings that I feel I can mold in myself to either develop or be the part of any web-venture.

Saad Munir Central London Mosque, London

Central London Mosque, London

Thank you again for visiting my page, you can always stay in contact with me through my social profiles or can send me email anytime. You can visit my portfolio and resume if you are thinking to consider me for some position. I have a small blog section, where I will be sharing things that interest me or can benefit others.

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