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During my education, consultancy, client relations, business relations and Jobs, people have appreciated and shared their experience of working with me. If you have also something to say about me, you can share it either on my Linkedin Profile or can send me directly. 

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Aisha SarwariAisha Sarwari

, Director General Marketing and Public Relations, Punjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT) (colleague)

“Saad worked efficiently at PBIT making him one of the most valued assets at this organization. He brought to the table new ideas to implement the marketing and online promotion strategy for Punjab to international investors. Extremely strong work ethics. Has the ability to see tasks to finalization.” September 22, 2011

Shaur Ul Asar (recommended Saad Munir)Shaur Ul Asar

, Operations Executive, Radius Global (business partner)

“Saad Munir is a very talented and expert Strategic Marketing at GRB Solutions. I’ve got to learn quite a lot from him. He is a result oriented and determined professional who has command on his area of expertise. I like his approach and initiative to get things done in his way. He has an amazing potential to excel in what ever he does. He depicts good ethics & is a man of his words. I am sure he would achieve bigger roles & better positions in his career & I wish him best of luck.” January 28, 2010

Nadeem Bari recommended Saad MunirNadeem Bari

, Student, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (business partner)
was with another company when working with you

“There are certain characteristics of different people. Some people follow the way that are established by someone. Some use others creativity and make their way from others ideas, But Saad is the person who creates his way on his own and his creativity can be seen while certain people modifying the Hurrah’s Creativity into their creativity but believe me this never impact Saad, because he brings such a creativity that is much better than the previous. In the nutshell I have never seen such a creative person in my whole career and student life… God bless you…” May 26, 2010

Fahad Munir recommended Saad MunirFahad Munir

fahad hired you as a Business Consultant in 2006 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

“Saad had been giving the task of branding; that involved company theme (logo, website, business correspondence, basically look and feel). He did an excellent job and was very impressed with the market research he did to gather and analyze the facts before making any decision.” April 9, 2010

Harris Jallal Bin Khurram recomended Saad MunirHarris bin Khurram

, Student, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (colleague)

“I am junior to Saad in FAST, I came to know him through FAST Business Club. His participation in extra-curricular activities, his academic performance and his ‘always willing to help’ attitude has made him a batch 2005 celebrity. He always comes up with multiple solutions for any problem! I’d recommend him for Business Analyst post or a title where interacting with other employees is the core requirement.” January 16, 2010

Hasan Kamal Syed recomends Saad MunirHasan Kamal Syed

, Student, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (academic)

“I’ve known Saad as a senior on campus whose repute preceded him. If there was a challenging task that need careful supervision, dedicated energy and excellent oversight, Saad was the person to go to. His multimedia and presentation skills leave anything to the imagination. His raw talent in this area coupled with his marketing skills are phenomenal. I wish him the best in his entrepreneurial activities and his career.”January 30, 2010

Umair Shah Umair Shah

, Business Development Executive, TkXel (academic)

“I have known Saad for several years now in both personal and professional capacities. I am pleased to say that I can vouch for him in both domains. He is not only honest, ethical and hardworking, but has the ability to transform ideas into life. He is the type of person, you can trust completely to get the job done and many times he exceeds expectations. He is creative and mostly known for his multimedia skills. I feel proud to endorse him as a great human being with high professional values and entrepreneurial spirit.” January 28, 2010

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