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FAST Business School – Facebook Page

Since day one during my education, I was engaged in different student counseling and engagement volunteer services. I have also initiated a FAST Business Club (Old : BEST PRACTICES). The purpose was to cover the gaps between the industry and theory. I am a strong believer of advancement and productivity based on the technological solutions.

After I graduated, I found out, that there is no official representation of the FAST Business School on the social channels. Students across the country seek FAST Business School as one of the most prestigious universities to achieve excellence in management education. But unfortunately like other business schools in Pakistan, FBS has no official representation on social channels. One of the reasons could be the lack of understanding of the importance of social appearance of an institute of management.

Hence taking the initiative I have started the Facebook page, to represent all the FAST Business School campuses i.e. Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and now Faisalabad. Unless other Facebook pages of universities this represents truly the institute with the professional attitude of the managers and admins. Not forgetting to mention that later I have gathered a few of the friends to join hands for managing the page.

Now the page is responsible for announcing any important activity, event, notice or information in the campuses. New students are especially taking participating and seeking information from alumni and others. This project is continuously helping out the mass of FASTians. I have developed and shared the strategy for this page in the future.

FAST Business School - Saad Munir Hurrah