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PBIT – Punjab Board of Investment & Trade – Website

The department of Investment & Trade under Government of Punjab is responsible for identification, marketing, management and facilitation of investments and trade to the province Punjab. Being one of the most front end departments of Govt. of Punjab brings the higher responsibilities and greater challenges.


I being the part of the team working for the propagation of Punjab with positive images and spreading the word around the globe through the power of internet. The marketing strategy for managing investment of this department was challenging by itself. It includes a lot of publications, research work, press releases, reports, feasibilities, promotional material and pictures created on daily basis. The time I joined the department, I immediately felt the need of a proper channel to market this all to the investors spread around the world.

For this I had define an e-marketing strategy, identify the key areas to focus and how to manage the key investment sectors of Punjab. More than the information, the true assortment and management were a bigger issue. I have selected the Australian Investment agency as a benchmark along with that I also have to take care of the rules defined by the Government and the WIPA (World Investment Promotion Agency Association).

The project was divided in to the following

  1. Website development
  2. Social Appearance
  3. Content Management

In addition to that, I have included an investment Map that will serve the purpose of an online facilitation to investors and traders. They can seek information and data with an interactive tools and reports. This increases the chances of positives for the province Punjab.

Along with the project, multiple promotional tools and material have been created to support it. This includes Videos, pictures, graphics and publications.



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